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Our Roots

The objective of FAIM is to promote the correct human understanding, to respect the human variation, to advance human culture, to promote education, to promote family life, business life, peace and the rules of civilize government. The importance and the influence of the media in the advance modern technical times must be looked at in the context of advance knowledge and human excellence. The media is an institution of social education and it must present a moral and rational vision directed toward building up communities and society.

"Let us first understand who we are. We are striving for community excellence. Our aim is to build models of community excellence."

-Imam W.D. Mohammed 


Making A Difference

As citizens of America we are taking the responsibility to advance the human family as an extension of all families. As we look at the natural signs found in nature, we witness a consistency of balance. FAIM is about media balance with a belief in the oneness of God, the oneness of Humanity and the oneness of Human Nature. The solution to a problem is to present the information that does no compromise ethics, morality and the purity of human nature. The issue of social problems will be presented and evaluated objectively and scientificaly with a moral definition and foundation. We as human beings and believers in Allah are in a good position in society. Our position is about community service with truth and fairness. Often the media is not fair or truthful. To counter unfairness and a lack of truthfulness means to present the cause of social cultural events with the understanding of how to solve social issues from the point of view of true human science.


The cost to implement a successful high quality programs is substantial. The founders of FAIM have invested $50,000. To continue our growth and productivity we are asking for your help. Our growth depends on you, and as you help us, you are promoting human social growth in the most progressive manner. Donate Today ! Quran 2:158 "And whoever willingly does a good deed, then absolutely Allah is Most Appreciative All-Knowing" IMAM  W.D. MOHAMMED's astute leadership, profound social commentary major issues, piercing scriptural insight into the Bible, Torah and Quran and his unique ability to apply scriptural interpretation to social issues brought him numerous awards and high honors. He was at the forefront of interfaith dialogue and cooperation. He was the leading call toward human excellence.


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“Without faith you cannot accomplish”

Imam W.D. Mohammed


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Our Organization

FAIM MEDIA GROUP is a nonprofit 501C3 MEDIA ORGANIZATION. FAIM is the acronym for FRIENDS AND ASSOCIATES of IMAM W. D. MOHAMMED. FAIM was founded and co-founded by Bashir Salaam, Jerald Elamin, Imam Wali Muhammad, Nimat Shaheed, Mushasin Abdul Salaam, Imam Yah Yah Shabazz and Dawan Hasan in 2016 Oakland, California.



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